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Auhor: Judit Herman

Title: Life Career Book: A Guide to Creating Your Dream Job and Making Yourself Indispensable to the World [Kindle Edition]

Kindle Price: $11.42

Publication Date: November 1, 2012

Book Description:

Do you ever feel that your work is a pain? Do you have doubts if you have chosen the right profession? Do you feel that your job is threatened by the instable economy?

If so, this book will inspire you on how to land your dream job. In this book you will discover immensely helpful advice and guidance in finding your perfect career: learn to design a career not only determined by money but also for personal satisfaction and most importantly to express yourself and to make a difference to the world around you.

Once you discover your career path, you will learn to be unique and successful at it; learn how to be original and proactive and stand out from the crowd. Instead of traditional, boring reactive job-seeking methods you will learn to use modern proactive and breakthrough techniques.

If you are relatively happy with your current work, but still lack the skills to become more effective and appreciated in your workplace, this book will also teach you become indispensable to your employer and colleagues.

The highest level of success is when you have a satisfying balance between your work life and your life in general. Discover what you want to be and turn your dream job into reality.


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